Geo Photo

The app for photo and image management from Google Photo

Geo Photo features

The icon for Google Photo Manage pictures and photos from your Google Photo
Map icon Check your Google Photo pictures on the map
The icon for albums Create albums using place and date
The icon for shares Share your pictures with your friends

What can Geo Photo do?

Geo Photo is a simple and intuitive app which allows you to manage the pictures and images stored on your Google Photo. The Geo Photo app’s main feature is its ability to display photos and pictures from your Google Photo on the map, and within the chosen time interval in which they were made. You can collect the photos in albums using a date or the place they were taken.
  • The picture of iPhone with Geo Photo

How does GeoPhoto work?

It’s a piece of cake:
  • Run Geo Photo;
  • Log in with your Google account;
  • Manage your photos and pictures.
Geo Photo also allows you to share your photos with friends by social media, email, or messages. You can save, copy, print, or assign photos to your contacts.


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